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The video shows our braille printer / embosser taking standard text, translating it into raised-dot embossed braille and then outputting onto a roll of labels… click to see more!

Braille Labels (Braille Tac)

We have carefully sourced a full range of materials for use in our Braille-Tac Embossers or similar Braille Embossers.

Whether you require matt clear, gloss clear or heavy weight paper we have the solution for you to ‘over-label’ your products with braille labels.

Our materials have been carefully selected to give a good dot height to help you comply to the current guidelines while maintaining the life of your embosser. Using poor quality materials and setting a high dot-height can either damage your paper or lead to a build up of paper filaments around the print heads.

Our Braille Labels can be supplied on rolls or fanfolded to suit your requirements; rolls of labels are typically used in an automatic or manual applicator whilst fanfold labels are usually over printed in a secondary print process.

Braille Embossers

In addition to supplying raised braille labels, Ditac also stock a range of commercial quality braille embossers / braille printers / braillers manufactured by ‘Enabling Technologies’.

Ditac also provide very competitive hardware maintenance & service programmes, designed to ensure your braille printers are kept in optimal condition at all times.

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