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Wrap-Tac™ Clinical Trials Labels

Following a three year development program conducted in close consultation with the clinical trials divisions of a number of major pharmaceutical manufacturers, the Wrap-Tac™ wraparound label concept has been granted full patent status (Patent No. 04-25877.8).

Wrap-Tac™ clinical trials labels have been designed as an alternative to traditional pre-printed booklet labels for use where products having a limited surface area require labelling with an extensive amount of text. Typical applications to date include the labelling of small diameter vials and bottles with multi-language information.

The labels can be printed in-house, on demand, by thermal transfer, laser and inkjet processes. This helps to eliminate the lead time and volume constraint problems normally associated with the supply of conventional pre-printed booklet labels.

After printing or overprinting, Wrap-Tac™ labels are simply attached to the product, wrapped around scroll fashion, and tabbed down by means of a unique reusable adhesive closure. This prevents print deterioration and also allows the label to be repeatedly opened, unwound, read, rewound and resealed.

Although this highly innovative product is primarily aimed at the clinical trials packaging sector, requests for Wrap-Tac™ label samples and further information are welcomed from all industrial sectors.

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