Bury St Edmunds based Healthcare Labelling Company, Ditac, help Ipswich Town Football Club add Braille to their ‘First Match’ certificates for the first time.

Ditac, enable a special guest to Ipswich Town Football Club to read their match certificate.

To many, Ipswich Town are just a football club, but to some – it is more than that.  Lucas Battle was delighted when he was invited to the Ipswich Town stadium for a very special kind of tour.

Lucas is visually impaired, and so a ‘Touch Tour’ was organised by ITFC’s Disability Liaison Officer, Lee Smith.  After his tour, Lucas was invited back to the stadium for his very first ever match on Sunday 5th May where Ipswich played at home against Leeds United.  As part of this experience, a certificate is awarded to commemorate the event.   Lee, however, knew that in order for Lucas to be able to read his certificate, they would somehow need to add Braille to it.

Lee said “I wasn’t really sure what I needed but I did an internet search on Braille and came across Ditac – Healthcare Labelling Solutions, who specialise in Braille Labels.  I contacted them in the hope that they could help me.”

Lee went on to say “ I was initially thinking they could produce the certificate for us with the Braille, however they said the best way would be for us to create the certificate and laminate it as normal and they would create a clear Braille label with Lucas’ name and match details for us to apply over the top.  It ended up being such a simple solution but it meant the world to Lucas.  We will definitely use Ditac again.”

Karl Seeley, Managing Director said “It’s been a huge privilege to work with ITFC on this project.  It’s obviously been a bit out of our remit as we specialise in labelling solutions for the healthcare market, but it was great to do something a bit different for a change and for a great occasion.  I even hand delivered the Braille Labels as I live quite near and I think that is something else that has made this a proud moment for us all as a company, being able to do this for our local team – and all the better for them beating Leeds United on the day too!”