During our 30 years of working within the Healthcare sector, one area we have come to specialise in is Parallel Importing and we’ve come to learn and understand a lot of the processes involved in this.

The MHRA states that the UK parallel import scheme lets a medicine authorized in another EU member state be marketed in the UK, as long as the imported product has no therapeutic difference from the same UK product.

However, in order to do this, you must ensure you have all of the necessary approvals from the MHRA and this can be a laborious task.  One of the main courses of action is making certain that all labels, patient information leaflets and packaging for the imported medicine complies with European guidelines; and where necessary, is translated into English and if necessary, one other language.

This will often mean that although the medicine retains its integrity, all of its packaging needs to be changed, and this is where we can help.  We’ve worked with many parallel importers over the years to produce labels for over-labelling, new English patient information leaflets to replace foreign and even blister pack labels, where a tray of tablets needs to be over-labelled without removing the actual tablet.

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